Payments FAQs


Here is a collection of some of the most commonly asked questions in relation to umbrella company Payments. Additionally you will find a short video guide below designed to explain our payment process from start to finish.

If you have any questions which our Umbrella Payments FAQs and payment process video guide are unable to help with please contact us for assistance. 


Which pay cycle am I using?

You can choose to have a weekly or monthly pay cycle.  If you are paid more than once within a pay cycle your payments will be combined and you will have tax and National Insurance deducted in accordance with your chosen pay cycle.  Please ensure that you complete and submit your timesheets to your agency on time to ensure that payments are made within your chosen pay cycle.

When do I get paid?

We will pay you as regularly as possible. We process payroll every day, so will arrange payment as soon as we are able to. Note that we require receipt of appropriate verification as determined by your employment contract in order to make your first payment.

How much money will I get paid via umbrella?

The umbrella company will pay your salary directly into your bank account net of PAYE and National Insurance contributions together with any processed allowable business mileage. Each individual has their own tax code and this, together with their unique situation of variable hours worked, means that payments could vary. You can use our online take-home pay calculator to work out how much better off you could be, or chat with one of our client services team.

Will I get paid the same amount each week?

Not necessarily. The amount of money that you receive each time will depend on the agreed limited company rate, hours worked, business mileage claims submitted and your tax code and amounts received from the agency. Changes in any of these variables will mean an alteration in your take-home pay.

Will I receive a pay slip?

Your payslip will be available to view and download from within your secure client portal.

How will I know when I am paid?

We will send you an SMS text message instantly to inform you that payment has been made. Additionally you can check in your online client portal for details regarding any payments processed. 

Do I get holiday pay with an umbrella solution?

Yes.  Holiday pay is clearly shown on your pay slip.

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Umbrella calculator

Umbrella Company Solutions - Take home pay calculator

Use our calculator to quickly find out your take home pay using our umbrella company solution.