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Here is a collection of some of the most commonly asked questions in relation to Forms & Documents. 

If you have any questions which our Forms & Documents FAQs are unable to help with please contact us for assistance. 


When can I expect to receive my P60?

You will only receive a P60 if you were employed by an FPS Group Administered umbrella company solution on the 5th April.  You will receive this by the 31st May.

I've lost / not received my P60, can you send another?

You must keep the form safe; however we will be able to send you a duplicate P60 or provide a Statement of Earnings Letter that shows the necessary information if requested. If you are no longer a client of FPS Group there may be an administrative fee for the replacement.

What information is on the P60?

The P60 shows your gross salary, PAYE, National Insurance contributions and your student loan deductions.

Can I get replacement documents?

Yes but please not that if you are no longer employed by an FPS Group Administered Company then an administration charge will be payable for replacement documents.

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