How to promote yourself as a contractor

In an ever more competitive world and jobs market it is now more essential than ever before that contractors promote themselves to stay ahead. Contractors who think that work will just come to them on tap are sadly living in the past. The modern contractor needs to be increasingly savvy as a marketer and promoter of their own services. Failure to take this seriously will lead to other contractors who do, getting those all-important contract positions over you. We have put together a list of some key tips which will help give your personal brand and reach a massive boost. 


One of the most important things that will allow you to stand out from the crowd is to establish a brand. You’ll need to think about establishing a clear market proposition and positioning for yourself. Fundamentally this means explaining what makes you different compared to other contractors, what your offering actually is and who your services are geared to. Be original on how you put yourself out there, but not too much; find that right balance between leaving a lasting impression and being accepted.


It’s a really good idea to get in contact with people who are just like you. There are many ways to do this via offline and online channels such as social media.  Doing this allows you to help each other out and share ideas which ultimately encourage relationships to form. The value of this may not be immediately obvious but the power of referrals between contracting professionals can be extremely effective. 


Establishing a website to contain key details for you is an extremely good idea. Potential clients when attempting to find information will nearly always do an online search. There are many things you can showcase on a website like blogs, portfolio, contact details and work history. A website will increase your visibility and perception of professionalism. Websites are surprising easy to make now too so don’t be intimidated if you don’t have many IT skills.  

How to promote yourself as a contractor



Write as many blog articles as you possibly can. The more articles you have the more your potential online reach is extended. It also enhances your credibility, professionalism and authority within a given topic or sphere can be extremely powerful. It is best to focus on quality over quantity. Focus on some key topical areas and put your writing head on. 


YouTube is a fantastic way to advertise your services as it’s a platform that billions use and video engagement rates are the very highest of all online media. Videos are a great way to do Q&A sessions, video diaries, provide professional advice and share experiences. Essentially the same kind of content you are sharing via your website and blog could be shared in video format.


An absolutely key aspect to getting yourself known is referrals. When clients hear about your business from people they trust, it lends credibility to your skills. Therefore don’t be shy about pushing referrals hard. When asking for a recommendation, start by showing value to a client and wait for the right time to bring up the question. Relationships are key in the business world so make sure you maintain them and leverage them.


Look for other websites, blogs and publications that share your target audience and look at ways you can display your content on these channels. Having a professional website and blog comes in handy here as you’ve already created plenty of relevant content. Getting your name in independent publications will boost your credibility and professional desirability no end.


Having a target audience really is essential to make any of the other tips viable. If you’re just advertising in an untargeted scattered approach your efforts are unlikely to be rewarded. Define your target audience and you’ll find all of your promotional efforts will be greatly improved.

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