10 of the most common CV mistakes to avoid

Your CV is often your first critical opportunity to make a good impression to a potential employer. Therefore avoiding making dumb mistakes to undermine all that hard work and experience is pretty important. Recruiters can read up to 10 or more CV’s at a time, which is likely to lead to them becoming bored very fast. So in the ever increasingly competitive world it’s more important than ever before to try and make yours stand out from the crowd. We thought we'd give you a helping hand and get you the CV that you deserve. So here are 10 of the most common CV mistakes employers see and how to avoid them:

1. Lying – just don’t do it!

A recent survey found that over half of employers have caught people lying on their CV’s and only 7% said that they would be willing to overlook a lie if it came to it. Firstly it’s extremely likely you will get caught which will not only lead to extreme embarrassment but could also land you in serious trouble and damage your employment prospects. It’s always better to tell the truth and show your actual qualities rather than made up ones.

2. Unprofessional email address

Imagine how the email address slickrick@hotmail.com or hottiekisses@email.com would look on a CV. It goes without saying this is not a good way to make good first impressions to any potential employer. It’s much better to always use professional sounding email addresses for all prospective employment communications.

3. Spelling mistakes

Spelling errors on a CV can often lead to employers turning you down for a job as it comes across as careless. ‘If a candidate is not willing to get their CV correct, then what would they be like in the job’ is exactly what will be going through their minds. Mistakes like spelling and poor grammar are too often easily avoidable by proof reading or getting it checked by someone else you trust.

10 of the most common CV mistakes to avoid


 4.Unusual fonts and photographs

Many people think that adding unusual fonts and photos will help their CV to stand out but in actual fact Recruiters will find it too cluttered and distracting. It’s better to use a clear and readable font so that it’s easier and quicker for the employer to understand.

5. Unnecessary details

When writing a CV it’s important to try and be as brief as possible and only include the information that is needed and relevant to the job. Personal details such as interests and hobbies don’t need to be included in a CV. Furthermore unnecessary details like age could end up opening you up to avoidable problems like age discrimination.

6. Badly structured

Whether people like to admit it or not, overall CV appearance is the most important thing an employer notices at first glance. Even before they read the content of the CV, appearance and the structure of the CV have already started to be judged by the reader. If a CV isn’t structured well and isn’t pleasant to look at it immediately sets the reader off in the wrong mind-set. The phrase ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ is certainly not one many recruiters live by.   

7. Incorrect contact information

No matter how good your CV is, it could all be undone if the contact information listed is incorrect. If recruiters are not able to get in touch with you easily, it may well lower your chances of getting the job. Double and triple check your listed phone numbers and email addresses.

8. Overwriting

Having an overly long CV can affect your ability to land the job as recruiters simply don’t have enough time to read it properly. Recruiters want CV’s to be short and sharp to get important information across quickly. The more rapidly you can stand yourself out for the crowd, the better and the key way to achieve that is to get to the point.  

9. Personal pronouns

In a CV it’s best not to include words such as “I,” “me,” or “she”. There’s no need to write your CV using these words, the employer already knows everything is about you and your experiences.

10. Salary information

Including past hourly rates on your CV is completely unnecessary and could send the wrong message to your potential employee. It is likely to do way more harm than good painting you as potentially a solely money focused individual.

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