FPS Connect - New Gym Discounts

Our FPS Connect discount scheme exclusively for FPS Group contractors is now better than ever before with the launch of the new Gym Discounts feature. Feeling out of shape? Looking to start a new health plan in the run up to Christmas? Eager to go to the gym but the prices put you off? Well Gym Discounts couldn't have come at a better time for you. 

This exciting new addition now allows you to search for local gyms in your area and gain access to a huge array of exclusive savings. Gym Discounts supports hundreds of gyms and health centers all across the UK meaning you are likely to have an extensive selection of supported brands nearby to choose from.  

FPS Connect - Introducing Gym Discounts


Gym Discounts can now be found in FPS Connect through either the search bar or by clicking the relevant tiles and links on the FPS Connect home screen. Search your local area today and save yourself a fortune whilst achieving all your fitness goals. Visit www.fpsconnect.co.uk to start using this new feature today. 

Not registered? Don't worry, follow our quick steps below to get started....

Easy Registration Process:

  1. Visit www.fpsconnect.co.uk and click on "Register to get access"
  2. Input your details to register your account, including name, email address & create a password.
  3. Insert your Contractor Number
  4. Click activation link in email sent

0800 634 4848

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