IR35 changes 2017 – did all contractors make the right choice?

The public sector off-payroll IR35 changes which came into effect in April 2017 heralded one of the biggest legislation shifts in the temporary work sector for many years. The result of this new legislation was a mass migration of thousands of public sector contractors from using their own limited companies (PSC) over to using umbrella company solutions.

As a direct result the first half of this year has been one of the busiest time frames in FPS Group’s long 23 year history. The number of calls from both new and existing customers enquiring about the IR35 changes has been well and truly off the charts. Ultimately it has been extremely pleasing to have helped a large number of affected individuals successfully navigate these choppy waters with our Flex umbrella solution.

IR35 changes 2017 – did all contractors make the right choice?


However with such a stressful and time pressured decision, it does beg the question how many affected people made the incorrect choice? How many chose to stick with their PSC not believing the magnitude of the changes? How many picked a new Umbrella provider without researching? The answer is…probably a lot!

Numerous contractors who we spoke to at the start of their earlier decision making process are now coming back to seek our help. Many are voicing dissatisfaction with the new providers they ultimately ended up selecting. This is hardly surprising given the massive differences in quality between umbrella providers in the industry. Whilst such provider’s core service will often be similar or identical the value of the overall package and customer service can vary quite significantly.

Since 1994 FPS Group have built up a strong reputation that marks us out as more than just your average umbrella provider. For a start we look to maximise the value of our service as much as we possibly can. Our FPS Connect rewards scheme offers all our contractors exclusive access to huge discounts of up to 20% at over 850 leading UK online and offline retailers. Amazon, B&Q, Boots, Tesco, Thomas Cook, Debenhams, Sainsbury’s and Argos are just a few examples of the many famous brands on offer. Based on average household spending, this can save our contractors hundreds of pounds a year.

We additionally pride ourselves on the level of customer service that we provide to our contractors. Don’t just take our word for it however, read over 600 independent reviews from our customers on our Feefo feedback page. Many competing umbrella operators will never provide independent and uncontrolled customer feedback for fear of potentially revealing the true unflattering nature of their service. FPS do not share this fear, we are 100% confident in the high standards of our service.  

As a public sector contractor, if you feel at all dissatisfied with your decisions post the 2017 IR35 changes, then please give us a call for a free no obligation consultation. As a recruiter, if this article sounds like it describes some of your own contractor’s current predicaments, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch to see how we can help them. 

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