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★★★★★ Excellent

Eileen Mary 17 Apr 2018

Polite and efficient service. Always ready to answer any queries.

FPS have always been polite and efficient. The agents are always cheerful. They are happy to answer any questions or explain anything. They are transparent about their charges.

FPS Response

Hi Eileen,Thanks very much for your 5 star feedback on our service! We really appreciate your review!Have a great day, FPS Group 

★★★★☆ Good

Sharon Maria 17 Apr 2018

Average; I did not understand initially my deductions featured on my payslips.

However, customer service were very good at explaining to me after I enquired this was then helpful to me.

FPS Response

Hi Sharon,Thank you very much for your feedback on our service. Although it is disappointing to learn that you found deductions not very clear on our payslips, it is great to hear that our customer service team rectified the situation for you.Have a great day, FPS Group 


Anonymous 17 Apr 2018

Not the best if you have problems that need resolving

No point of contact if you have a problem.
I was told a few times to sort matters out myself with HMRC matters which should be done by FPS
Inconsistency of information provided.

FPS Response

Hi,Thank you for your feedback on our service. We are sorry to hear that you are not happy. Our records show that we have been in contact with you numerous times via online chat, text, email and phone without delays so we are not sure where your communication concerns are stemming from. Additionally it is vitally important to make clear that FPS Group are not tax advisors. Therefore we are not equipped to deal with any queries relating to tax codes such the queries you raised. That is why we direct you to HMRC who will be much better positioned to advise. This is the normal practise for the vast majority of compliant and competent umbrella operators in the industry. I will get a member of our customer service team to call you to go over this in more detail. Following the call if you are happy with the explanations provided and feel they solve your issues, we would be very grateful if you would consider amending your review score.All the best, FPS Group 

★★★★☆ Good

Anonymous 15 Apr 2018

Good Customer Service

I received a good customer service and response to my initial enquiries.

FPS Response

Hi,Thank you very much for your feedback. We really appreciate your kind comments.Have a great day, FPS Group  

★★★★★ Excellent

CA 14 Apr 2018

Very responsive

FPS Response

Hi Chinazo,Thanks for your 5 star review of our service. We massively appreciate you providing us with this feedback. If you require help with anything don't hesitate to let us know.All the best, FPS Group 

★★★★★ Excellent

Samantha 11 Apr 2018

Great communication and service.

FPS Response

Hi Samantha,Thanks very much for your 5 star feedback! We really appreciate your review!All the best, FPS Group 

★★★★☆ Good

Timothy Ian 10 Apr 2018

Very good

They kept me well informed and would recommend these to other companies

FPS Response

Hi Timothy,Thank you very much for your feedback. We really appreciate you taking the time to provide us with your review. Don't forget about our refer a friend scheme which rewards £100 for each and every friend referral made :-)Have a great day, FPS Group 

★★★★☆ Good

Hanifa Kotone 9 Apr 2018

All resolved well, no comment

their service is good but the day i worked on weekend and the payment was the same as weekdays. no increased and i was told that 10 pound per hour

FPS Response

Hi Hanifa,Thank you for your feedback. Your invoices are raised further to your agencies instruction therefore we process your payment in accordance with what they instruct us and the funds they send to us. If there are issues with your hours and rate then you will need to discuss this with your agency consultant. I will have a member of our customer service team give you a call to go over this in a bit more detail. In light of this we would be very grateful if you would consider reassessing your review rating for us.Have a great day, FPS Group 


Elspeth Jane 9 Apr 2018

to much junk mail

FPS Response

Hi Elspeth,Thank you for your feedback. We send out a very minimal number of emails so I am alarmed by your comment regarding junk mail. I will have a member of our customer service team contact you to find out more about the specific mail you are referring to. I hope this will help to address your concerns. All the best, FPS Group 

★★★★★ Excellent

Devanand, London 9 Apr 2018

An Excellent Company

They have an excellent website and they give you a personal log in to check your payslips, expenses, time sheets etc. You do not have to save them In other personal folder. They will also send you reminders if your agency has not sent them any notice for payment. I have used two other umbrella companies before and my experience with FPS has been more positive than the other two. They are prompt in dealing with any queries in a helpful and enabling way. They have no hidden charges or deductions and are HMRC compliant.

FPS Response

Hi Devanand,Thank you for your brilliant and very detailed review! This feedback brings a big smile to our faces. We couldn't have asked for better comments :-) Have a great day, FPS Group 

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