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★★★★★ Excellent

Carmel Mary 7 Aug 2018

Really helpful and patient


FPS Response

Hi Carmel,Thanks for your 5 star review! We really appreciate your feedback.Have a great day, FPS Group

★★★★☆ Good

Anonymous 6 Aug 2018

proactive and supportive.

FPS Response

Hi,Thank you very much for your review. We really appreciate your contribution.Have a great day, FPS Group


Davis 2 Aug 2018

Unhelpfully bureaucratic

Seriously disappointed with the service. Seem to have too many rules designed to hold on to pay and make reimbursement difficult

FPS Response

Hi Davis,Thank you very much for your feedback. We appreciate your contributions but are disappointed to learn you are not happy. We follow HMRC guidelines with regard to expenses and yes the rules are complex, but we do it to protect our clients from any future underpaid tax bills and also to ensure we as a company are still compliant and here in another 25+ years. We are very sorry that you feel there are too many rules. We have worked hard over the years and listened to our client feedback to ensure our expenses system is as simple and as user friendly as possible. We hope this explanation will go some way to addressing your concerns. All the best,FPS Group

★★★★☆ Good

Anonymous 27 Jul 2018


Online service is a major plus

FPS Response

Hi,Thank you very much for your review of our online service. We really appreciate your feedback! Have a great day,FPS Group

★★★★★ Excellent

John 25 Jul 2018

Helpfull and Reliable

Seamless communicatiin with my temp agency, healpfull advice in dealing with HMRC.
Nothing to criticise to date. Happy client.

FPS Response

Hi John, Thank you for your 5 star review of our service. We really appreciate your comments. All the best,FPS Group

★★★★★ Excellent

Anonymous 24 Jul 2018

Was with them before and were great but then left to a different company that were not so good so came back

FPS Response

Hi,We are happy to have you back. Thank you for your 5 star review of our service. We are always working hard to improve and ensure you get the best service possible.All the best,FPS Group


Maha Noreen 21 Jul 2018

Extremely disappointed

I’m very disappointed as every week I’m charged a fee and tax of 17.50 even though if I’ve worked only one day a week even though I was told that it has to be more than 4 days I’ve worked!

FPS Response

Hi MahaThanks for your feedback. Our admin fee is very competitive in the umbrella market place but I do appreciate if you are only working 1 day it may seem high for you. I can see Rachael, who is your point of contact, has been attempting to speak to you and I will have her try you again this afternoon to discuss your concerns. Many thanksAlison


Anonymous 18 Jul 2018

Good service terrible value

Customer service was excellent, but the price of recieving my weekly pay has doubled in the last year.

FPS Response

Hi Many thanks for taking the time to review our services and your comment that our customer service in particular is excellent.With regard to our admin fee, in 2016 when you originally joined our services we had reduced our fee significantly following legislative changes to the contracting industry in the April of that year. The vast majority of our competitors did not feel it necessary to drop their fees at this time and continued to charge circa £25 in most cases. We continually assessed the market, costs to administer umbrella companies and the value we provide to contractors and had to adjust our fees accordingly after 12 months. When the then re-joined our services earlier this year it was confirmed our fee was just £15 per invoice/week which is still significantly less that the majority of our competitors. I hope the above goes someway to explain the our admin fee.Kind regardsAlison


Sallyanne 17 Jul 2018

Site is complicated to access ,compared to competitors sites and their was errors with my Tax codes even though the correct information

FPS Response

Hi SallyanneThank you for taking the time to review our services and I'm sorry to hear you feel our website and secure portal is complicated to access as it only requires your Username and password to login.With regard to your tax code, we applied the code which was on the P45 we received from you on 9th July, I can see since then the issue has been resolved and your code changed following your discussion with HMRC.I will ask Mike, your point of contact here at FPS to give you a ring to see how we can assist.Kind regards

★★★★★ Excellent

Anonymous 17 Jul 2018

Excellent professional and efficient service.

Excellent service from Gill ? who is extremely efficient, professional and friendly.

FPS Response

Hi,Thank you for your 5 star review of our service. Gill will be delighted with your 5 star rating!All the best,FPS Group

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